When Measuring Biodiversity, Do Individuals Matter? —

Our newly-developed method simulates intraspecific trait variation when measuring biodiversity. This gives us an understanding of how individual variation affects ecosystem processes and functioning. We were able to show that accounting for within-species variation when measuring functional diversity can reveal details about ecological communities which would otherwise remain unseen. […] via When Measuring Biodiversity, Do … Continue reading When Measuring Biodiversity, Do Individuals Matter? —

Same struggles, different year

Very belated Happy New Year! I’ve been meaning to write another post for a while, but I’ve been having problems with work and various other things which have prevented me from posting for a while. But actually, that is the BEST time to write a post. Science is full of ups and downs and I … Continue reading Same struggles, different year

Soundscapes, Seoul and Submission

These past couple of weeks have been busy but enjoyable. I’ve made considerable progress with various scientific activities, managed to explore Okinawa a bit more, and left the country, despite nearly not being allowed back in! The science I’ve been continuing my work processing the OKinawa Environmental Observation Network (OKEON) weather station data, and have … Continue reading Soundscapes, Seoul and Submission

Introducing IMECO

I’m going to be using this blog in the coming months (and years?) to post about my experiences as an early- career ecologist. This means lots of my own science wins and losses (I want to showcase the fact that science isn’t just breakthroughs and publications – there’s a lot of failure and disappointment before … Continue reading Introducing IMECO